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Oneida Affiliate Program

Join the ONEIDA Affiliate Program

It's time for your website, newsletter or blog to start generating strong revenue and sustainable residual commissions. Get paid whenever someone clicks on an Oneida ad displayed on your website and makes a purchase. The process is simple. The results are alarming! For over 100 years ONEIDA has been the name brand to trust. In fact ONEIDA is the #1 brand in flatware! Be a part of this great tradition.

Why Join the Oneida Affiliate Program?

  • Oneida pays out generous commissions of between 7-10%
  • average order sizes are over $100!
  • enjoys an impressive 2-3% conversion rate! That's 2x the industry standard!
  • Get a 60 day cookie duration and receive commissions from returning visitors up to 60 days after their first visit!
  • Oneida is the #1 brand in Flatware

Join the Affiliate Program

How it works:

  1. Apply to be a Commission Junction Affiliate.
  2. Once you have been approved you may log-in to your account and begin setting up with the ONEIDA affiliate program.
  3. Select ads to be placed on your website, newsletter, etc.
  4. Receive a commission on all sales generated through the ads every month.

It's that simple. If you have any questions with our affiliate program please email us at