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Drinkware Buying Guide

The vessel you choose to drink from is just as important as the beverage you are enjoying. No matter what material you choose, make sure you have the appropriate glass. It will taste better!


Mouth Blown Handmade Glass

Mouth Blown Handmade Glass

You will appreciate the artistic process of mouth blown glass as you notice the tiny air bubbles, flow lines and chill marks.  These are not design flaws. Instead, evidence of one-of-a-kind handmade stemware. This collection is designed for those who appreciate true craftsmanship. Shop all Mouth Blown Handmade Glass


Machine Made Glass

Made to withstand the bumps and grinds of commercial use, this restaurant quality glassware is durable and dependable. The top edge is laser-cut to resist chipping and enhance smoothness when sipping. Ideal for everyday use and casual get-togethers, this collection is dishwasher safe and practical. Shop all Machine Made Glass


Lead Free Crystal

Lead Free Crystal

Brilliant and break-resistant, this upscale, restaurant-quality glassware and stemware replaces lead oxide with titanium oxide for a more environmentally friendly product. The result… a clear, highly reflective product with exceptional style. Enjoy all the benefits of beautiful, leaded crystal without the worry.  Shop all Lead Free Crystal



The narrow design keeps champagne, sparkling wines and mimosas cold while preserving the bubbles. Cheers!


Iced Beverage
The short stem and generous size provides a sturdy vessel for serving desserts, parfaits, cocktails, water and iced tea.


Round Burgundy
The oversized, round shape is designed for enjoying hearty red wines with big bouquets like Pinot Noir, Burgundy and Cabernet. Also suitable for sipping heavy dark beer.


Smaller in size, use this great basic stem for chilled white wines like Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Riesling.


Larger than the white wine glass and smaller than the Burgundy, this medium sized stem is appropriate for water, non-alcoholic drinks, frozen concoctions, desserts, and more.


Originally designed for a light or golden colored beer, the narrow bottomed pilsner keeps your brew cold while the wider top delivers head retention. This glass is draft beer’s best friend. You’ll appreciate it for all your carbonated beverages.


Also called a pony glass, this tiny, tall stem was designed for serving small amounts of liquor like aperitifs, ports, and after dinner drinks. Europeans enjoy fruit juice and soda in these little vessels.