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Flatware Buying Guide

How it looks…


Modern Design is enduring, purposeful, and innovative. A collage of convergent perspectives, you’ll find this flatware assortment includes clean, design-driven patterns, fresh trends, and ergonomic curvilinear shapes.  Modern design is progressive in performance and weds sophisticated concepts with the finest materials. Thanks to changing technologies and asthetics, our contemporary tableware continues to stay ahead of the curve.

Classic Design is timeless, effortless, and is often imitated. Every pattern in this portfolio offers balance and form, tactile pleasure, and harmonious lines. Architectural elements and historic design are the key influences in this popular category. Classic tableware delivers refined style and lasting significance and worth.

Decorative Design is intuitive, emotional, and romantic. These traditional patterns have a natural order of composition, symmetry, and often, an emotional connection to nature. Organically inspired, you’ll find botanical and floral themes are abundant in our impressive assortment of decorative flatware.


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How it feels…


The finish, weight, and design of each piece have a direct impact on how flatware feels in your hand. When you pick up the handle, it should feel balanced, smooth and comfortable. The dinner fork is the most used piece so let it be your guide when selecting a pattern. Choose from 4 different stainless finishes, each designed to complement a wide varity of tableware.


What’s in a number?
The material content tells you what percentage of chrome and nickel are found in stainless. All Oneida flatware contains 18% chrome for maximum corrosion resistance. The amount of nickel varies by line and is the element that gives each piece a soft, silver-like luster. Designs with an 18/10 and 18/8 alloy are our very finest quality and offer superb pattern detail, hand-finishing, and precise grading. 18/0 stainless is an outstanding value for families, a great starter set and has a popular price point.

Availability and Longevity


When selecting flatware, keep in mind how long you want to own it. Some patterns are truly timeless and will be available for a lifetime. Like those in Patterns Forever. As part of this program, these premium Oneida patterns are guaranteed forever-- and you’ll enjoy added benefits such as a greater piece assortment, open stock, and the flexibility to custom design the service you want. Trend-driven designs, commonly sold in sets, are more casual and reflect the latest styles in everyday silverware. Regardless of your design choice, it’s reassuring to know that all Oneida stainless comes with a lifetime guarantee.


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Invest in the Best…


The general rule of thumb when purchasing stainless is to buy the best quality you can afford. Remember you will be using your flatware for holidays, entertaining and everyday dining. You’ll want it to last… and look as nice as the rest of your home. Think of it as an investment so you can feel proud setting your table. Your friends and family will notice.