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World of Whimsy Photo caption: Thatch white dinnerware brings a fresh botanical feel to your springtime buffet.

Springtime Brunch Buffet...Blooming with possibilities!

Brunch blends the best of both worlds...yummy breakfast foods with favorite entrees in a relaxing setting that everyone enjoys.  Allowing guests to serve themselves (as much or as little as they like) puts everyone at ease. Whether you are hosting family for a holiday meal or friends for an impromptu gathering, you'll want to follow these easy tips for success.

Brunch buffet Basics: Top 10 tips
1)   Flow is key. Set up the buffet table in an open, inviting area so guests can move around it easily.

2)   Position stacked plates first, main entrees next, followed by hot dishes and cold dishes.

3)   Protect table linens with saucers or small plates to rest serving spoons and tongs on when not in use.

4)   Have a separate station for desserts and beverages.

5)   Bundle flatware in napkins or...simply place it on the dining table in advance.

6)   Use a pedestal to save space and bring height to the buffet. If you don't have one, simply cover a small bucket or sturdy box with a linen.  Place dishes   on top.                                                                

7)   Labeling foods is a thoughtful gesture so your guests know exactly what they are eating. Small photo frames are perfect for this.                              

8)   Decorative flowers and candy dress up a buffet. Save the lit candles for the dining table.

9)   Be sure to have PLENTY of food. No one wants to take the last piece of anything.                                                                                                             

10) Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Place ice under dishes in a separate plate or bowl. Use chafers for hot items.
Helpful Hint: If you don't have a chafer, wrap a couple of bricks in heavy duty foil, warm in oven and place on a heat proof pad.

Tabletop Decorating Ideas:  
Create individual "nests" at each place setting. Fill a champagne or margarita glass half full with green tissue paper or fake grass.  Top with chocolate eggs, a marshmellow chick and jelly beans.

Create a fun centerpiece using colorful gardening gloves blooming from a vase or flower pot. Invite your guests take a pair home as an inexpensive party favor.  Packets of perennial seeds wrapped in tulle and ribbon with guests names on a paper leaf worked double duty as a pretty place marker and goodie bag.