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Dining out... at home!

World of Whimsy This contemporary, white-on-white palette is simple, yet sophisticated. Tall, geometric candlesticks are a perfect counterpoint to the clean lines of the stainless silverware.

Have you ever wanted to capture the ambiance of an upscale restaurant right in the comfort of your own home? It is easy to do when you have versatile tableware, romantic lighting and fine cuisine.


There is something very soothing about a monochromatic table setting. Notice how beautifully all of the elements blend together? To create this look, start by mixing and matching pieces of all white tableware. Be original… Place circular bowls on top of square plates. Use long, rectangular platters and round ramekins filled with dipping sauces. This is the perfect opportunity for a tapas party or a tasting menu. Just make sure you have plenty of dishes on hand for all your “small plates”.


A good host always has the correct stemware on hand… water, wine, and champagne glasses are a must. Tumblers and old fashioned glasses are ideal on the bar and can also be filled with nuts, candy, straws or drink stirrers. Feel free to use everyday items in extraordinary ways… like floating a candle in a glass or a slice of lemon in a bowl. Accessorize with what you already have, keeping in mind the scale and proportion of each item. Pay attention to the little details in your décor …and it will make a big impression on your company.


Tip: Add just a hint of color using fruit, flowers, or napkin ring.