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Formal doesn’t have to be fussy!

World of Whimsy Tip: Blue and white is always right when it comes to pairing colors.

Is there a special occasion coming up? Or, perhaps you want to create an extraordinarily elegant tabletop for your family and friends. It’s easy to do when you know how to mix and match tableware with decorative accessory pieces to create a pleasing presentation.


Hydrangeas (fresh or dried) and other seasonal flowers create the perfect centerpiece while complementing handpainted dinnerware and silky white linens. Thankfully, the days of matching everything on your table is a thing of the past (not to mention a bit boring). Notice how the chunky, cut crystal vases balance the classic stainless flatware and smooth undecorated stemware? Shapes and textures are extemely important to the overall design of each piece and to the look you are trying to create.


Candles are another way to say formal without being fussy. A single, small votive near each placesetting adds intimacy and ambiance. If you are looking for an easy way to add a splash of color, let nature be your inspiration. Scattered seashells, beach glass, painted pinecones and beautiful stones can enhance your table without being a big distraction. Idea: Wrap a crystal necklace around the base of a vase or candle for a splash of sparkle and fun. If you don’t have the right linens, don’t worry. A pressed bed sheet or large piece of fabric under a pretty table runner adds a lovely layered effect. P.S. It’s always thoughtful to give a little gift or keepsake from the evening. A small picture frame works double duty as a place card. Or, candy and nuts wrapped up in tulle and ribbon is always appreciated. Let your own unique personality shine through and your guests will notice.