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Entertaining article for World of Whimsy...

World of Whimsy Place unexpected treasures around your table. Classic chocolate bars and oversized blocks are the perfect companion to casual dinnerware and playful polka dotted flatware.

Wild and Whimsical! If tables could talk, what would you like yours to say? Festive! Fun! Extraordinary! When planning a large party or small gathering, think first about the mood you want to create. Next, take into consideration your guest list. Will there be children or teens attending? Or maybe just "kids at heart"... Let that be your guide when planning your party and your creativity will come shining through.


Choosing practical and durable stoneware like Colorburst is always a wise idea, especially if you have young guests. Forgo traditional table linens. Instead, cover your serving areas with paper and crayons or colored burlap. This is the kind event where you can (and should) break the rules. Find new uses for old pieces... Fill an ice bucket with oversized swirled lollipops for a refreshing bouquet. Hang pinatas from light fixtures until they are ready to be popped outside ... Mix tall and short vases with different kinds of flowers to add dimension and drama.


The possibilities are endless when you have versatile tableware that you can mix and match with accessories you already own. It doesn't have to take a lot of time and expense to make your friends and family feel loved.


Special touches...

  • Write the name of each guest in chocolate or strawberry sauce on dessert plates and keep in the freezer until ready to serve.
  • Substitute bright bandanas in coordinating colors for napkins/ party favors.
  • Wrap pretty hair accessories or candy necklaces around stemware for " little girl gifts".
  • Hide an action figure, yoyo or small gift inside a handled mug filled with candy.