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In an effort to give you the best customer experience possible, we encourage you to take advantage of our online resources to some of your most common questions below.

Where can I purchase Oneida?

Oneida products can be found in most major retail stores across the United States. Another way to purchase Oneida products is by viewing our website.

Can I cancel/modify my order/shipment?

When you place an order at Oneida.com, your order immediately drops into our fulfillment center flow to help ensure your package is delivered within our estimated shipping time frames. Unfortunately, we are unable to change or cancel an order once it has been submitted.

Once your order has been submitted, please refer to our easy return and exchange policy.

Sale Pricing Policy:

Coupon cannot be applied on previous purchases. Discount cannot be combined with other coupons. Promotion may be altered or discontinued at any time.

What does 18/10, 18/8, and 18/0 stainless mean?

These percentages represent the amount of chrome and nickel in the steel alloy that we use to make our products. Chrome is added to aid the steel in corrosion resistance and the nickel is added for a soft, silver-like luster. 18/10 means that the metal has 18% chrome and 10% nickel. 18/8 stainless has 18% and 8% nickel. 18/0 has 18% chrome and 0% nickel.

Why do stains occur on some stainless?

It is stainless ... not stain proof. Discoloration can be caused by ingredients found in tea, coffee, salad dressing, vinegar and salt. Pitting or spotting are usually caused by hard water or from foods with high salt content.

How do I remove stains?

Use a good quality stainless cleaner to remove the "build up" caused by minerals.

Is Oneida stainless dishwasher safe?

Yes! Your Oneida stainless flatware is meant to be used and enjoyed. We suggest that you rinse your flatware after use before placing in the dishwasher. Any scented detergent (i.e. lemon or orange) is not suggested.

How should flatware be put into the dishwasher?

Load the dishwasher with handles of the spoons and forks facing down and the handles of the knives up.

How should one care for sterling, silverplate, or gold plated flatware?

When not in use, keep these types of flatware in a closed drawer or chest lined with tarnish-resistant cloth. We do not recommend any of these three metals to be put in the dishwasher. If you choose to place them in a dishwasher, ensure that you do not mix metals in the same load. Remove flatware before the drying cycle and hand dry. Also, many automatic dishwashing detergents contain bleach that may remove the oxidation that was used to highlight pattern detail. Sterling and Silverplate do require periodic polishing with high-quality silver polish.

What is "open stock"?

Open stock means that individual serving and place setting pieces are available to be purchased separately. This allows you to replace pieces that may be lost or damaged or add to your set over time. All patterns in our “Patterns for a Lifetime” program have the widest variety of open stock availability. Not all patterns have open stock items.


What is "Clearance"?

Items offered through our Clearance/Sale section of our site may be sold as a set. Please be informed that the product may be received in one box and not received as sold on the site. For example, when purchasing two sets of six, you may receive twelve in one box. These items are on clearance at a drastically reduced price without detail to individual packaging. The condition or absence of a box for items/sets offered through the Clearance/Sale section of our site will not be considered a valid reason for product return. If our customer chooses to return the product due to this issue, we will not be responsible for customer postage return expenses. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team at  consumer@oneida.com.

What is in a Hostess Set, Serving Set and an Entertainment Set?

A simple way to remember what pieces are in a Hostess Set is: The word Hostess starts with an "H" everything in a Hostess Set holds something. Hostess Set: Gravy Ladle, Tablespoon, Sugar Spoon Serving Set: Serving Fork, Butter Knife, Pierced Tablespoon Entertainment Set: Casserole Spoon, Dessert Server

What is the difference between ceramic, stoneware, and earthenware?

Ceramic is the term used to describe all kinds of fired clay product. Earthenware is product fired at the lowest temperature and is much more delicate- almost always requires hand washing and is not for microwave use. Stoneware is fired at a much higher temperature than earthenware.. and as a result is much more durable than earthenware- it is harder,can stand up to the dishwasher and is generally microwave safe.

What do you mean when you say decaled dinnerware?

A decal is the pattern that is applied to dinnerware prior to firing. Decals are applied as a sheet, much the same way you would apply a stick-on tattoo. The decal is slid off a paper backing and it sticks to the unfired ceramic, then a factory worker gently squeegies any residual water and air bubbles out from under the decal. Once applied the entire piece goes into the kiln.

How can hand painted dinnerware be so affordable? Is it really hand painted?

Hand painted product is indeed that, the glazes are applied one color at a time by brush directly to the surface of the ceramic pre-firing. Completed hand painted product may be painted by a number of workers, each applying a separate color or working on one part of the design.

Does Oneida dinnerware meet FDA standards for lead and cadmium content?

Yes, all Oneida dinnerware meets or exceeds the FDA standards. The United States Food and Drug Administration has very strict standards as to the level of these particles that are acceptable. All dinnerware for sale in the US must meet these standards and we are extremely diligent in fully complying with these standards.

Does Oneida Crystal contain lead?

No, lead is usually added to crystal only if has an etched or cut design. Our Crystal is lead-free. 


Cutlery FAQ

Can I put my knives in the dishwasher for cleaning?

Dishwasher detergents and heat are really hard on knife metals. Hand wash all your knives warm soap water. Allow them to air dry completely before returning them to their block.

How do I sharpen my knives?

You can have your knives sharpened professionally. You may also wish to sharpen them yourselves using a sharpening steel.
Hold the sharpening steel vertically firmly in your hand. Hold the knife firmly by the handle. The tip of the blade should point upward. Move the blade from the bolster (or back wide part of knife) to the point. Hold the knife at an angle of about 20 degrees with a slight pressure over the steel. Move the arm but not the wrist. Hold the sharpening steel at arms length in front of you. The blade is drawn at an angle of approximately 20 degrees against the steel. The sharpening is done perfectly after 10 - 20 strokes of the knife over the steel. After using the steel for many strokes, test the sharpness of the knife with a piece of plain paper. The knife should easily cut thin ribbons. Every experienced Chef and Butcher knows that perfect cutting qualities of blades depend on the regular use of a sharpening steel. Practice makes perfect. Beginners should try slowly, without fear of injury, using smooth strokes (practice makes perfect sense).



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