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Tumblers, vases and jars are easily transformed into candleholders by simply adding a votive or pillar candle. Go one step further and decorate them in any number of ways to suit your taste and décor. Here are some ideas to get your lights turning on about creating crafty candleholders for your home.

Painting glass is a hobby in which many DIYers and crafters have taken up. There really are so many techniques and options available for the glass-painting novice as well as a more seasoned artist. We suggest doing some research on the art of glass painting to get a good idea of your project before driving to the craft store. There are different kinds of paint for use on decorative items versus more utilitarian items like wine glasses, plates and pitchers. There are paints you can use to achieve different effects – like metallic shine, matte finish, chalkboard paint, and different levels of opacity. There are also different techniques to use to achieve other effects, like painting the inside of a vase or jar, frosting glass, taping off stripes or using stencils to create a pattern. Your possibilities really are endless… A good base of knowledge will get you far; the rest is up to your creativity and imagination.


Here are some sites to help you get started envisioning your next painting project.

For glass painting tips, go here:,default,pg.html

For a tutorial on how to paint the interior walls of a glass vessel, go here.

Here’s a great tutorial for tinted glass:

To learn about taping patterns onto glass, try this:

Browse our website for a vast array of products to start your painting project! Jars, vases, tumblers, mini jars, etc… You will surely find an item to spark your creativity.

Natural elements can really add some pizazz to an otherwise ordinary piece of glass. Let’s start with a very traditional cylindrical tumbler – the 9oz. Chelsea Rocks glass, sold in a set with its big sister, the 15 oz Tea. Find it here.

This glass is the perfect size for tea lights and votive candles. Here are some great ideas to spruce up this little gem.

Flowers: take your favorite slender flower and with a smidgen of glue, a little ribbon and voila! A perfect little decoration for a dinner party, a bridal shower or any event you wish to keep elegant and simplistic.


Twigs: This would be a fun project for you and your kids to do together. Your supplies can be found right in your back yard by picking up small twigs that have fallen from your trees. Collect a bundle of small twigs. Measure the height of your vessel and trim each twig to be about the same height. (Hint: use some variation to keep it more natural looking). With a little hot glue, attach the twigs to the outside wall of the tumbler. Tie a ribbon or some twine around the middle and what you have is a woodsy décor item to place upon your mantel or tabletop. This is a perfect decoration for the cooler months ahead. Create a statement by grouping different sized containers and mixing up the kind of tie you put around each one. Place a candle inside and enjoy!

On a bigger scale: Here’s an idea for adding a natural element to a glass container to make the perfect candleholder, however, you won’t be able to do this with the small 9oz. Tumbler. We suggest the 46oz. Round Canister for this project. You can find it here

Decorating for autumn is such a fun activity with festive decorations adorning the inside and outside of your home preparing for fun Halloween activities as well as the most anticipated dinner of the year. Here is a very festive centerpiece you can make at home. Simply pick up some Indian corn from your local farmer’s market or pumpkin patch. The mini versions will work best for this project. Place your corn around the canister, stock-side down, but bring the stocks up to the sides of the corncob. You may need an extra set of hands to help hold the corn in place. A little dab of hot glue on the cob may help while you wrap some natural rope around several times to keep the corn in place. Place a candle inside and accessorize the area with other autumn décor staples (gourdes, pumpkins, pine cones, leaves and twigs). A burlap table runner beneath your newly created centerpiece will tie it all together, for a seasonal decoration that will last from the cool September evenings clear through Thanksgiving dinner.