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Candles have been a decorating staple for sometime now, everyone knows that. And there are traditional ways to display candles – in candlesticks, candelabras and on pillar candlesticks, in votive cups and tea lights floating in a vase on top of a beautiful bloom in water… We do love our candlesticks -- don’t get us wrong. But we also love displaying candles in different and unique ways as well. The presentation of many candles grouped together but shown at different heights and widths and in mismatched containers like jars, vases, bowls and tumblers resting on or nestled into a layer of sand, pebbles and other dry ingredients creates such a more interesting statement than the traditional use of a candlestick.


Here are some great ideas to help get you inspired!

Sand: Sand makes for a wonderful medium to hold candles in a container. You can rest pillars on top of sand or nestle a taper into sand for stabilization. Color options are extensive to say the least. Experiment with layering coordinating colored sand or layers of coarse sand and finer sand. Layering sand with other material makes for an interesting display as well – like sand on the bottom with a layer of pebbles or shells on top. Sand is inexpensive and can be found in craft stores, gardening centers and big retail chains, so changing it up or experimenting is the best way to achieve your desired look.

Seasonal fillers: If you enjoy decorating for the holidays, candles can certainly add to your décor. We like the idea of using seasonal items to fill a container before inserting your candles. For instance: Candy Corn and Corn Kernels for fall as well at mixed nuts make for a surprising element to your décor. Epsom Salt used to imitate snow (or get the fake snow at the craft store) for winter. You can also try holly berries and pine needles for the holidays. Flower petals or candy eggs for spring and seashells or small fruit for summer. See some ideas below to get your creativity fired up.