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Hands down, my favorite baking season is fall (closely followed by winter). My entire family was obsessed with all things pumpkin (a trait that has made its way into my DNA) and I would spend untold hours making pumpkin chocolate chip loaves with my mom - the kitchen air warmed and scented with all of the traditional spices (allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg). We would make loaf after loaf, wrap them, and freeze them in our very unattractive basement locker-sized freezer. Then, anytime we had visitors or friends pop by, we would thaw one loaf and gift it to the unsuspecting visitor. In fact, it became such a popular gift, that we started getting requests for the recipe (and a few people would stop by - eager with anticipation - mouth already watering - for the "pumpkin loaf thing"). Years later I moved away for school, and like clockwork, every October a box would arrive at my dorm. Inside, lovingly wrapped, were three or four pumpkin chocolate chip loaves from mom. Needless to say I was very popular on my floor.