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We’re not talking about the color, we mean adding life to your candle display will totally transform a lighted centerpiece. It can be anything of the earth – plants, fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, berries, flowers, pinecones, etc. Try incorporating live moss in the bottom of a tall hurricane or adding filler vines like pilea to a container before putting your candle in. There are so many unique and beautiful ways to incorporate life into your next lighting project. Check these out.


Terrarium Candleholder – The Anchor Hocking Modern Vase doubles as a pillar candleholder. The beauty of this item is that you can prepare a terrarium in the bottom of the vase before placing the candle on top. Think of this as a candle “environment.” It’s a wonderful mix of life and décor in one item. We wanted to keep ours very simple, so we just took some sand and pebbles and added a single succulent to the vase for our terrarium. Succulents are incredibly versatile, and they are resistant to dry environments making them perfect for a low-maintenance, but high-impact centerpiece.


Mini Candleholders, when grouped together make a BIG statement.


These little cups are so darling with small votives and small living components like flower buds and berries and other natural elements. Mixing the color of the cups is a cute idea. This look could also be achieved using small bowls like our 4 pc Ceramic Prep Bowl Set as seen here:


Some more ideas for bringing life into your candle display. Cut the tops off of acorn squash, scoop out a round circle big enough for a pillar candle, and add some other autumn items like hedge apples, pumpkins and leaves. Place all items in a tray for a stunning display of seasonal items adorned with the magic of candlelight. Next, moss is placed in the bottom of a hurricane candleholder for a simple and sophisticated look. Thirdly, we have another hurricane candleholder with mixed nuts as the filler of choice. Accompanied by some fall flowers and a yellow candle create a beautiful Thanksgiving display.