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Not only can you plant beautiful blooming flowers and sprawling greenery in your container garden, but you can kick it up a notch by adding edible plants as well. Vegetables and fruit, edible flowers and herbs are all in the realm of possibilities when it comes to creating your own personal produce section where you live.

Here are some benefits of container gardens.

a. Is space an issue? Container gardens are great on the balcony or patio. Containers can be as big or as small as space allows. Gardens do not require a spacious backyard or any green space at all. A good tip to keep in mind is to build vertically. You don’t want to take up all your floor space with pots and containers, so a good idea to limit your garden footprint is to use items that can hang on a wall or from a couple hooks. Hanging baskets over the rail is a way to get plants up off the floor.

b. Containers can be placed in ideal spots in order to take advantage of the sun during different times of the day. Try moving a traditional permanent garden into or out of the sun when needed… You may have a hard time doing so. Take the worry out of the perfect garden spot when you have containers. Make sure you know how much direct sunlight your plants require before buying them. A good test is to place your container where you think you’ll want to keep it. Time how much sun hits the container before making a plant purchase.

c. Container Gardens are suitable for nearly any vegetable, herb or annual flower. They are ideal for spring and fall planting, so your options for choosing plants are endless. Keep in mind that larger plants can be broken apart if they are too large for your favorite container. Some of our favorite veggies and fruits that are easy to care for and produce a bountiful harvest are tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. For the plants that like to grow tall, adding a trellis or a vine stake at the time of planting helps these plants grow vertically as they are meant to.

d. Fewer trips to the grocery. If you are growing your own lettuce, your own tomatoes, your own peppers and other foods, you are saving yourself a lot of money and many trips to the grocery store. You also know exactly where your food is coming form – your own patio or balcony.