Karen MacNeil Flavor First™ Collection

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  • Each glass is etched with the name of the glass (Crisp & Fresh™, Creamy & Silky™ or Bold & Powerful™)
  • The glasses are highest quality, pulled-stem German lead-free crystal
  • Storage is simple and efficient since all of the glasses are the same height
  • We’ve designed a wide foot to enhance stability and make swirling the wine easy, unlocking aroma and flavor compounds for maximum enjoyment

Our Flavor First™ Collection is the next step forward in wine glass evolution. It's based on the simplest realization of all that flavor is what matters most. You know the kinds of wine flavors you like. We know how to design wine glasses based on flavor. The result is our Flavor First™ Collection the first wine glasses that make finding the optimal wine glass easy. We think choosing the right wine glasses should be as simple as drinking the wine itself. Cheers! Karen MacNeil, Best-Selling Author of The Wine Bible

Flavor First™ glasses simplify the complex world of stemware. By focusing on flavor, these three shapes maximize the enjoyment of just about any kind of wine you like to drink. The shapes are precisely designed to enhance wines that are Crisp & Fresh, Creamy & Silky and Bold & Powerful.

Use & Care
Flavor First™ is dishwasher safe. We recommended to load wine glasses into the top rack of your dishwasher and leave enough space between glasses and at the top of the dishwasher. For best results set the temperature to warm (not hot) and on a delicate cycle. It is recommended to avoid using the heated dry setting on your dishwasher to avoid baking on detergent residue. Avoid soaking the crystal glass as it will create mineral deposits and hard water build up. Use a fine polishing microfiber cloth to wipe away any excess smudges.
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