Since Anchor Hocking began in 1905, two things have come out of the same plant: reliability and innovation. Founded by the Hocking River in Lancaster, Ohio, it all started in an old plant called the “Black Cat”. In 1924, the Black Cat burned down. What was left? 6 acres of charred rubble and 650 people without jobs.  Anchor Hocking set up headquarters and set to rebuild right away. Six months later they were running as if the catastrophe hadn’t happened.


Resilience, innovation, and dedication – this is how we pushed forward into the modern world. This is how we operate today.


Over 110 years, we’ve gone from a small plant to a leading manufacturer of glassware in the United States. We’ve done it all while proudly manufacturing a majority of our glass in the original location.


That’s right – after all this time, we’re still made in America.


Are you starting your first home, updating your current one, or just have a passion for dining?


We’re here for you. By repeatedly staying on the edge of American craftsmanship, we promise to help you make the most out of your kitchen. 

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