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Why Buy Oneida?

Design is the first thing that draws you to a pattern. But silverware or flatware should feel comfortable and natural in your hand as well. You may notice some Oneida designs are rounded or even fully dimensional. These patterns are crafted through a forging process, blending shape with function. Form-driven designs bring a higher level of quality and an exceptional feel to the dining experience. When you pick up a premium Oneida 18/10 stainless design, you can truly see and feel the difference. Every piece is carefully weighted, balanced, and finished to deliver outstanding performance. Oneida offers the widest assortment of placesettings, sets, and open stock items available—ranging from classic to ultra-modern. Sculpted handles and bowls, heavy-gauge alloys, and lustrous finishes reflect the most current trends in silverware today. It’s these little extras that make you feel special when dining with your family and friends.

Frame your culinary creations with leading edge designs that reflect the most current trends in tabletop. Unique shapes and textures. Exciting patterns. Durable, easy-care bodies. You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to deliver a beautiful presentation. Our reputable assortment of dinnerware, accessory pieces, and collectibles are as easy to use as they are attractive.

Not sure what dinnerware design goes with your flatware? Click on our Virtual Table Setting page where you can mix and match different combinations to find the perfect pair.

Patterns Forever...
The flatware in the Patterns Forever Collection is crafted in the highest caliber stainless steel and is delivered with our commitment to your satisfaction.  These premium patterns offer the most open stock items, so you can acquire the pieces you need to meet your unique entertaining and dining needs.  The timeless design of our fine flatware collection makes pattern discontinuations an uncommon event. 

Open Stock – Your pattern by the piece!
It happens to all of us. You lose a teaspoon and you want to replace it. Or, maybe you’d like a couple extra serving spoons or a meat fork. Open Stock allows you to buy these pieces individually. Many Oneida patterns offer select open stock items. If your pattern doesn’t carry these individual pieces, you can easily supplement your service with a simple, undecorated design. Check to see what is offered in your specific Oneida pattern, and build the set that’s just right for you and your family.

The finest quality materials and craftsmanship.

As an Oneida customer, you can expect a lot more from your tableware company. With a history of quality and craftsmanship for more than 100 years, its no wonder Oneida continues to be the leading name in flatware today. You’ll find everything you need to set a spectacular table. And we hope you’ll join the millions of satisfied Oneida customers all over the world.

The quality of the materials...
18/10, 18/8, 18/0. These percentages simply let you know the amount of chrome and nickel found in the stainless steel alloy used to make our products. Chrome is added to help resist corrosion. Nickel gives stainless a soft, silver-like luster.

18/10 means the metal has approximately 18% chrome and 10% nickel.
18/8 has approximately 18% chrome and 8% nickel.
18/0 has approximately 18% chrome and no nickel content.

P.S. These percentages do not refer to the weight of the piece. Weight is judged by the gauge or thickness of the metal. Heavier doesn’t necessarily mean better. Keep reading!