About Oneida Flatware

Cleaning & Care

  • Before first use, thoroughly wash and dry your flatware by hand.
  • Never leave flatware dirty or soaking in water overnight.
  • Use a quality metal polish to remove any discoloration.
  • Do not store stainless steel flatware wrapped in plastic or other materials that can trap moisture.

For dishwasher-safe flatware:

  • Promptly rinse flatware after use to prevent food acids and/or oils from discoloring, corroding, or pitting.
  • Load your dishwasher lightly so water circulates freely for more effective cleaning.
  • Ensure flatware doesn’t touch other metal objects, which could cause discoloration.
  • Avoid acidic detergents (e.g. lemon, orange, grapefruit) or highly chlorinated detergents.
  • Avoid using heavy duty and dry heat cycles as these could damage flatware or cause discoloration.
  • Remove flatware immediately after dishwasher cycle is complete and hand-dry to remove any remaining water before storing.

To hand wash flatware:

  • After each use, wash flatware as soon as possible to prevent food acids and/or oils from discoloring, corroding, or pitting.
  • Always use hot water and a mild detergent or soap to wash your flatware. Avoid acidic detergents (e.g. lemon, orange, grapefruit) that could harm surfaces.
  • Rinse in clean, hot water.
  • Dry promptly with a soft microfiber cloth.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

All Oneida fine quality flatware is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the original owner. Any piece found to be defective under normal use and under proper care will be repaired or replaced at no charge with the same item or an item of equal or better value. Minor imperfections such as scratches, stains, and discolorations are normal. Warranty excludes items damaged from misuse or abuse, such as improper cleaning, overheating, neglect, accident, fire, or theft. Call 1-877-423-6743 for return instructions.